Aristos and Sasha, The black cat and the white dog


Συγγραφέας: Dionysis Mazitsos
Διάσταση: 21x28
Σελίδες: 32
ISBN: 978-960-564-430-7
Έκδοση: 2016
Εικονογράφηση: Dionysis Karavias


Aristos was a stray cat born in a broken washtub full of old bits and pieces. His mother was a black cat her owner had got tired of and thrown out into the streets. Aristos, who was also pitch black, had got used to his life as an alley cat . . . At that precise moment, when he had a whole set of fish bones in front of him with a morsel of meat clinging to them, he thought he had everything his heart could desire! But his heart’s desire would soon rise to much higher levels . . .
There are times when neither poverty nor riches, neither race nor color are an obstacle for feelings of pure love!

Artistic Pseudonym: Dimitris Stadas aka el tonto
– Born: May 29, 1978, Athens

– Primary school: received initial acting tuition from the actress and director Anastasia Basa.
– 1991: received award from “Ta Nea” newspaper for participation in the team of writers for the children’s newspaper “Mary Poppins”.
– 1994: matriculated from the Experimental High School in Athens and received award for paintings in a school competition. After participating in an amateur theatre production of the play “Blood Wedding”, was inspired to write the play “The Ghost”.
– 1996: matriculated from the 1st Technical Lyceum in Philadelphia, Athens.
– 1998: compulsory military service.
– 2001: completed a series of cartoon drawings in connection with the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent war, and worked as an illustrator for “ENNEADA” magazine later the same year.
– 2000-2001, 2003: attended theatrical seminars at “IASMOS” school of drama.
– 2003: rewrote “The Ghost”, including new scenes, and was awarded with distinction at the 22nd Pan-Hellenic Literature Competition organized by the Pan-Hellenic Literary Union, using the pseudonym ‘Dimitris Stadas’ for the first time.
– 2005: became a member of the Greek Academy of Magicians.
– 2004-2007: actively participated in Pan-Hellenic painting and writing competitions.
– 2006: graduated from Metamorphosis College of Private Education.
– 2005-2010: employed in children’s entertainment.
– 2011-2012: participated in a competition for short film screenplays.
– 2012: became a member of the Greek Association of Visual Arts “Apellis”.
– 2001-Present: worked at the Ministry of Culture as a part-time and then, from 2011, a full-time employee, but has never stopped writing or painting.

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